Creative Coach - Self Development April Emma Wickstrom is a certified leadership coach, a diplomat in hypnotherapy, she has additional training in affirmation and are a student of course of miracles.
Dance Meditation We often ignore the signals that our bodies give us and continue to live our busy lives, thinking that it's normal to feel all that pressure and speed. But the truth is we cannot create out of pressure, fear or stress. This is a meditation where you will be guided into yourself and move to let go of resistance, fear blocks. You will relearn on how to act on your urges and impulses. You will physically and mentally sweat out toxins that is storage in your body. Food Coaching Your way of eating is one of the ways you are directly aware of yourself. I create tailor-made diet modeled on your way of life, to help you explore the best of your potential. Self Development Change begins with awareness, acceptance and being open and willing to look inside. I will guide you to find out what your unique values are and how to stay true to yourself. These are the fundamentals to having a balanced and positive life. Brand Development Oversees all aspects of the brand's DNA, values, look and feel. Target group analyses, building an authentic relationship between client and target group.