Inside & Out is a holistic "think tank" and creative partner, specializing in coaching artists on how to communicate with their inner creative source.
April Emma Wickstrom is a Creative Producer, Leadership Coach and an expert in Self Development with an interest in the subconscious mind, body, memory, health, food, fashion and conceptual cross marketing. April's holistic approach is founded on her own grounding knowledge and experience. She has worked as a trusted advisor for 15 years and holds the titles of creative director, producer, stylist, brand manager, fashion director and marketing manager for some of Europe and the United States' biggest brands. April's goal is to help artists, actors, writers, designers, directors, musician, filmmakers, photographers, dancers and creative people make authentic work and live more authentic lives by teaching how to access and integrate rich, undiscovered material from the unconscious. Her work is a combination of education, co-active coaching, co-active leadership, CTI, Creative Dream Work, Body Memory and self experience alongside words and support of mentors such as Louise Hay, Buck Brannaman, Carl Ljung, Pam Grout and Kim Gillingham.